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As an executive coach who helps high-impact performers succeed and achieve exceptional business results, I have the privilege of seeing them go from a place of self-doubt and conflict, to a place of self-leadership and results for their organization.

My clients are some of the most valuable players in their organization. Undoubtedly technically excellent and broadly talented, competent and enthusiastic. However, many will not have developed the vital skills of management and interacting with their people in order to be effective.

I’m here to help your most valuable executives succeed in their new roles, and of course, drive business results. Let’s have a meaningful conversation on how we can do this together.


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Post #001: Critical Leadership Competencies and Skills Required in the 21st Century

Leadership – Theories – Styles (Editor’s note: Dr. Shahid Sheikh is the host of this longitudinal multi-week Blog, eNewsletter, Podcast, Vlog, Interview series on Critical Leadership Competencies and Skills Required in the 21st Century. The conversations generated by these posts will help shape the agenda of a book scheduled for publication in 2017) This post,…

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