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We Create Tailored Solutions

Unlike some organizations, whose consultants immediately provide a ready-made generic solution, we partner with you in your quest for individual and organizational success.

At Significant Consulting Associates (SCA), we strongly believe that answers to your challenges can be found within the individual and the organization simply by asking the right questions. By working closely with the clients, we use our expertise to ask the right questions to get authentic answers.

Our tailored solutions fit our clients’ needs like a custom-made glove. Clients have reported increases in productivity, performance, profits, and asset utilization, while reducing costs.

We Help You Make Better Decisions

If you are an individual, entrepreneur, business owner, business professional or a business leader seeking better decision-making practices using your deepest values and your work, SCA can help make better decisions through customized solutions to improve your interpersonal and managerial effectiveness to grow your business.

We Customize Our Services to Meet Your Needs

Based on over 40 years of combined experience and success in leading, managing, coaching and consulting for-profit and non-profit sectors, SCA partners with our clients using strategy formulation, strategic planning, strategy communication and dissemination, identifying and engaging main stakeholders, creating sustainable business processes to lift profit and organizational longevity. We achieve these desired results through value based business practices, boosting individual and organizational performance, innovation and increased productivity, reducing implicit and explicit costs, building customer loyalty, and the development of meaning and integrity in organizational life.

We Are Passionate About Your Organization Success

Over 95% of our clients come to us through referrals, and from a variety of different fields, including but not limited to higher education, hi-tech, manufacturing, retail, and non-profit institutions. Our network of professional resources is endless and our high level of experience in customer service, bring us to understand what is needed today to become a business partner within your organization.

Through our dedicated partnerships, our clients have achieved sustainable business results that have included a stronger brand, operational efficiencies thru efficient use of resources, attracting and retaining motivated employees, the ability to enter new markets through innovation, and customer loyalty.

Take leadership, communication, and team synergy to another level.
Maximize organization performance.

executive coach shahid sheikh

Meet Dr. Shahid Sheikh

Hello, I’m Shahid, and I am honored that you’re here.

I coach for a number of reasons – some are selfish, whereas most are altruistic. Coaching affords me the opportunities to focus on what matters to me, irrespective of implication. Being a coach allows me to help people connect with their passions, goals, and dreams, and I get to help them get to know their “who” and to trust their own inner expert.

I have approximately 40+ years of progressive management and leadership experience. There are not too many companies that could afford to hire me and allow my ideas to succeed. With my own business, I can afford to exercise my choices and options to work when I want, work with who I choose to work with, and have more control over what projects I handle.

In addition, perhaps the risks and rewards associated with business ownership are what appeal the most to me.

My Promise

To work with my clients to discover what motivates and drives them, establish what they desire to achieve in their lives and careers, set up goals and plan, coach and give objective feedback during implementation.

My Commitment

To keep them focused and accountable, motivate and support them to achieve the desired outcome(s).

My Focus

I help high-impact executives succeed in their careers and achieve exceptional business results through self-leadership.

On a very personal note…

We all experience adversity. Such adversity may include misfortune, tragedy, catastrophic life events, everyday changes and challenges, job or financial losses, betrayal, suffering, or disaster. These experiences are intrinsic in all of life.

I have had my share of adversities in life, growing up in a physically and emotionally abusive family, to arriving in the States without any contacts or resources, being diagnosed with Fancier’s Pneumonitis to Foot Drop in both feet, and now Parkinson’s and perhaps ALS.

How we respond to adversities defines our character and the quality of our lives. We can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of our loss, or we can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift we have – life itself.

I have overcome the challenges in life as each was presented.
I work, coach, consult, and take care of myself – and choose to move forward each day… so that you can succeed in your leadership path, achieve exceptional results, and leave a legacy to be proud of.

All My Best,

P.S. – You’ll find more of my formal bio & background below.

Dr. Sheikh coaches the Most Valuable GenX and Millennials Potentials who have recently moved into the C-suite, High-Impact GenX and Millennials Performers who are not yet at the Executive level, and other young people (GenZ) enhancing their leadership abilities and skills.

These individuals are technically excellent, broadly talented, and enthusiastic about their new roles. However, they typically have limited management and leadership skills or experience, and most will not have developed vital people-management skills. His scientific approach begins with determining and identifying the developmental needs and then facilitates a customized, structured, and dynamic change processes to achieve the desired outcomes.

Dr. Sheikh has coached, consulted, and trained in Private, Public, and Higher Education Sectors. A partial list of types of coached clients includes:

  • CEO, Investment and Wealth Advisory
  • CEO, Nonprofit Organization
  • CEO, IT firm (pursuing EMBA)
  • CEO, Language Translation Company
  • VP, Academic Affairs
  • Director, IT Architect/Structure
  • Manager, Federal Government Employee
  • Owner, Restaurant Franchise

A partial list of his clients includes ATIC and Higher Education (Malaysia), Bandag Trading (Pakistan), BrainX, El Monte Chamber of Commerce, Eye2Buy, FreshWater Trading, GTE, WorkSource California (USA), and Marymount College.
In addition to his coaching and consulting activities, Dr. Sheikh has served as Provost, Chief Academic Officer, and Dean of the College of Business and Management at four (4) for-profit universities.

Dr. Sheikh has completed numerous professional development courses and programs at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cornell University, Harvard Business School, The John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA, and Cornell University. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration, a Master of Business Administration degree in Marketing, a Certificate of Mastery in Marketing from California Lutheran University, and a Doctor of Education in Organizational Change from Pepperdine University. He is currently pursuing Certified Professional Coach (CPC) credentials for iPEC.

For further background, you may download a copy of his full CV (resume) HERE.

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