Executive Coaching Testimonials

Executive Coaching made me very aware of myself. I actually felt that you were the most professional among US-based coaches I have spoken with.
CEO, ITUkraine
We have only just begun to implement the Strategic Plan and already after only two months, we have increased revenues more than we have ever had and, per plan, we are opening our second location.
CEOB2B Service Industry
When I came in here as the new CEO approximately six months ago, this place was in a disarray. Thru Executive Coaching, our executive team is working together. Most importantly, I have become more confident in my abilities as the newly appointed CEO, in addition to my increased self-confidence as a human being.
CEOWealth Advisory
I never would have believed that we would accomplish the expectations that we established in our first meeting. As a result of our commitment to the Growth Plan, our revenues are up from our sales as of this date one year ago.
OwnerRestaurant Franchise
The Executive Leadership Coaching process helped me get things done through our employees thru ‘success thinking.
CEOLanguage Translation Industry
Although we started the program with skepticism and doubt, we quickly realized the power of the Executive Leadership Coaching process. We now have Vision, defined Core Values, and Organizational Goals.
CEONon-profit Organization
I am a senior manager/director at a large MNC. With the help of Dr. Shahid, I was able to identify my strengths, weaknesses, values and passions, which have led not to only greater satisfaction in my current job, but also a clear understanding of my next move. He gave me the tools I needed to influence my staff, my colleagues and superiors. I have been working with Dr. Shahid for past 3 months, and I have noticed significant improvement in my leadership, coaching and executive capabilities.
Umesh SawnaniEnterprise ArchitectHonda North America, Inc.
Thru executive leadership coaching process, Dr. Sheikh helped me successfully create an environment to operationalize our company’s established vision and align the major stakeholder’s polarizing needs through strategic planning. On a personal note, he help me change my life, teaching me to manage my time and improving my leadership skills.
Alejandro Gibbs, PresidentDiamond Construction & Investment, Inc.

Business & Personal Coaching

Do you need a personal coach? Shahid is your man! What an amazing man. He will turn your life around and help to get you on the path to success, you will not believe it. Not only have I been working with him, now my son is as well. Get started right. Invest. It is worth it. You will thank yourself forever.
John Kuran
Shahid has a deep knowledge about business plan. He has been helping me with my business and marketing plans and I am always impressed with how much he knows. He is also a career coach and has helped me so much to succeed in a job interview. He spent a lot of time on the phone with me to make sure I was sharp. I highly recommend Shahid to anyone who needs to create a business plan and a career coach.
Patricia Texeira
Dr. Shahid Sheikh is a very perceptive individual. Every time I work with him, I come away very inspired with a clear sense of direction. He asks provoking questions and challenges my perceptions on old ideas. This allows a safe place for us to create something new. He is great at assisting me with a time frame and developing specific goals to reach my overall target. Dr. Shahid Sheikh is a superb Executive Coach and Consultant. I would highly recommend his services.
Janet Mckeehan
During my meetings with Dr. Sheikh, he consistently exhibited the combination of intuitive intelligence and genuine, sincere attention and caring that proved to be extremely helpful in deciphering personal and professional issues, and helped to position me in the best possible way towards a much better quality of life.
Mariel Lee
Shahid Sheik is a powerful force of brilliant insight, direction and getting you to get the most out of what you are struggling with. I own my own clothing store and had been struggling with growing my business. After working with Shahid, for only a few months, not only did my business take off in many different directions, I also realized where my limitations were and I able to grow as a better human being. It was a great success in all areas of my life! I am eternally grateful to have met such a man.
Wendy Plumb
My experience with Shahid helped me see people for who they are without judgement, how to live in the present, and self acceptance. The most thankful and amazing part of the experience was how he helped me normalize my relationships within my family members. He patiently taught me how to release deep emotions that weighed heavy in my ability to move forward with myself and family. Since our sessions, I am a lot closer to my family and have learned to live in the now. I will forever be grateful and admire Shahid’s amazing patience, listening skills, and nonjudgmental spirit. I can’t thank him enough.
Sabrina Tooth

Case Studies

Through our national Network of Affiliates, the following are other examples of results that a few of our clients have achieved. While we developed and facilitated the process, these results were designed and generated by the employees of their respective organizations; therefore the buy-in was very high, the gains were maintained, and the satisfaction levels grew significantly.

Case 1: Construction Management

Challenge: Stagnant company growth—unable to grow beyond 100 employees

Action: Implemented Strategic Planning Process, Leadership development process for executives, Management development process for managers, and Team Leadership development process for Supervisors.

Result: Doubled staff in two years, turnover has been reduced, and annual revenue targets continue to be surpassed.

Case 2: Family Owned Electrical Contracting Business

Challenges: Company was struggling through an ownership transition from father to son. Bottom line results remained flat.

Action: Customer Loyalty development process for staff, Management development process for owner to facilitate succession.

Result: Bottom line performance exceeded expectations, achieved double digit growth in service side of business, and business growth enabled the acquisition of another business.

Case 3: Non-Profit Organization

Challenge: Pressure from internal and external financial obligations due to the downturn in the economy, increased competition, and they were suffering from lack in donations.

Action: Donor Loyalty Development process and administered Attribute Index personal assessment tool to each participant so they could get a better understanding of themselves and the strengths to be improved upon throughout the development process.

Result: Organization began working together more strategically, key accounts were contacted and relationships were strengthened

Case 4: Service Company

Challenge: Three-year-old Service Company was under constant price pressure.

Action: Implemented Strategic Planning Process, which redefined their business and positioned the company for profitable growth. Instituted Customer Value Measurement process, which defined strengths and identified areas of limitations. After three years with double-digit growth, used D.I.A.L.O.G. (organizational evaluation instrument) to bring additional alignment to internal systems.

Result: Company recognized by national financial reporting network as “Most successful, non-internet IPO in 1998,” a 96% client retention rate, and lowest employee turnover within its industry.